This is a work-in-progress effort to organize and categorize information about our 5E campaign, set in the glorious world of Joborea.

Obsidian Portal is an incredibly powerful organizational tool. Probably the most robust feature is the campaign wiki, which will allow us to make pages for absolutely anything we create, discover, or infer about the world. There’s also a space for character pages — where everyone can feature descriptions of their characters, pictures, backstories, statblocks, or whatever. Additionally, the Adventure Log gives us a natural place to provide a synopsis of each session’s events — I know that’s something Joey said he’d like us to do.

I’ve created the page, since I still have an active Ascendant account (giving us some extra features). I’ll add Joey as a co-GM for the page, so that he’ll have full admin rights — and I’m told it’s possible to transfer ownership of a campaign, which I’ll likely do so that Joey can make use of the GM secrets section of each page. If the campaign doesn’t retain its Ascendant status on transfer, it might be worth it for us to all just toss a few bucks together and help our neighborhood GM Ascend.

Anyway, take a look around. Feel free to make pages, etc. Go forth!

Joborea 5E

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