House Elhromane

At a Glance

House Elhormane is the foremost source for all things magical. They provide a wealth of information on the basic, public knowledge of magic. They are open with everything that can do them no harm but keep many secrets due to the iron-fisted rule of Kellen. They provide training, spell crafting, mercantile services, teleportation etc. They have their own agenda but only the highest members know what it is. The house is fair but never wavers in its adherence to rules and laws, especially its own.


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Leadership and Personalities

Kellen Locien is the ancient Elven wizard at the helm of House Elhromane. Unlike most Elves, his eyes are black and beady – not green. He believes in absolute rule and the necessity of magic, and he values intelligence. Despite his heavy-handed rule, he ensures that his house abides by the laws set forth by House Tatius. He has no known heir, but shows no sign of old age.

Relations with Other Houses

House Dinalti

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House Kez’Ra

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House Krynn – Good

House Elhromane understands the need for secrecy, and employs many of the agents and services of House Krynn to stay competitive within Valia. Elhromane provides magical items and services in exchange for access to House Krynn’s vast network of informants and blades for hire.

House Rook

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House Tatius – Bad

House Elhromane finds itself the subject of close scrutiny by House Tatius, and objects to the “unofficial” ruling house’s distrust. Having extremely intelligent people in power and unchecked makes House Tatius nervous, and Elhromane knows this. Though Elhromane abides by the laws of House Tatius, they doubt that Tatius could stop them if they attempted to seize power by magical means. The only thing keeping these two houses from being at war is faith in each house’s leaders to not do anything rash.

House Telvadin – Good

House Elhromane works closely with House Telvadin stay up to date on all of the newest technology and to ensure that the Magitek house adheres to the magical code. House Telvadin, meanwhile, benefits from House Elhromane’s magical services.

House Vaarak

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House Valerus – Bad

House Elhromane staunchly opposes House Valerus, which has taken an extremely anti-magic stance in past situations. House Valerus has demanded that Elhromane reveals its secrets to the public numerous times, only to be rebuked by House Elhromane’s legal magistrates. Even to this day, every few months, House Valerus attempts to serve a writ or proclamation to force the disclosure of House Elhromane’s secrets.

House Elhromane

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