House Tatius

At a Glance

House Tatius has been the leader of the Valian Empire since its founding. Many of the other houses have challenged their rule over time (most notably House Valerus and House Krynn) but all have failed in their ambitions.


Leadership and Personalities

Emperer Gaius Tatius II – Human, 60+ years old. Stubborn, stalwart. The grizzled old man keeping Valia from ripping itself apart.

Gaius Tatius III – Heir to Gaius Tatius II. Young, charming, spoiled. Many fear the day when Gaius Tatius III takes over in his father’s place. While his father has kept the city from falling apart, most believe that the younger Gaius would be incapable of handling such responsibility. There are high tensions among the other houses, even allied houses, as no one wants Gaius III to rule. Many would rather see a different house in charge than be ruled by such an incompetent brat.

The Royal Guard

Commander Lombardi Night – As the stern but just leader of the Royal Guard, a new Commander is chosen with each new Emperor. Commander Night was highly respected among his Guardsmen until his unexpected death during the chaos of a bandit raid of the compound in 192, where he was found stabbed in his office. Night was highly influential in the restoration of honor and morals throughout the Guardsman ranks.

Commander Weston Davenport – Lombardi Night’s much younger replacement. Davenport’s appointment was controversial among the Guardsman, as many consider him far too young to hold such an esteemed position and that his youth would cause him to lose sight of what Commander Night worked so hard to achieve. Commander Davenport has held the title for a year and has so far done nothing to tarnish the Tatius Royal Guard reputation. There is much speculation over whether Davenport will continue as Commander once there is a new Emperor, as he will still be very young when Gaius Tatius III takes the crown. However, if law dictates there must be a new Commander for the new Emperor, it will not yield simply because of the former Commander’s youth. Even after a year, there is still suspicion surrounding Davenport’s premature appointment.

Captain Taelyn “TK” Kale – Captain Kale is a powerful wizard that is second in command to the Royal Guard Commander Wes Davenport. While Commanders change with each Emperor, Captains are chosen by the Commander. Captain Kale was the Captain to Commander Night before Commander Davenport and knew him better than anyone. She was truly devastated by his death and refuses to speak with anyone about it. When TK was promoted to Captain, there were definitely no other members of the Guard that were upset about not being chosen herself.

Relations with Other Houses

House Dinalti

(Need description)

House Elhromane

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House Kez’Ra

(Need description)

House Krynn – Bad

Still bitter from their failed coup, House Krynn is always second guessing House Tatius. House Krynn’s belief that they are the only Noble House worthy of leading Valia is no secret.

House Rook

(Need description)

House Telvadin

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House Vaarak

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House Valerus – Good

After being crushed in their rebellion, House Valerus has sworn everlasting loyalty to House Tatius

House Tatius

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