House Valerus

At a Glance

Birthed as a small coalition made to keep order, House Valerus has grown into the full blown city militia, army, ironfist of Valia. With traditions and laws dating hundreds of years, Valerus actively stays on top of it’s vision in “Providing safety and security through firm justice”. They are the first to respond to big riots, crimes, hostile events and have somewhat absolute authority when it comes to dealing with 90% of the citizens of Valia.


Leadership and Personalities

Jareth Ironeye – Mid 50’s. Amazing physical shape, the best duelist in the city and one of the smartest tacticians to ever live. Jareth is 6’1, stocky and still has jet black hair, a brimming mustache and piercing hazel eyes. He is very straight forward, sugar coats nothing and looks to complete all tasks in the fastest/most efficient way possible with the least amount of casualties. He rules with an ironfist but firmly believes in second chances. The catch to that is the punishment for wasting the second chance is usually permanent.

Relations with Other Houses

House Dinalti – Bad

(Need description)

House Elhromane

(Need description)

House Kez’Ra – Good

Jareth, while a fair and just leader, believes in the greater good and realizes that in order to control the masses and keep peace, slaves and bodies are needed. While not agreeing with most of the ideals and mentalities of the slaver house of Kez`Ra, he realizes the necessity of an alliance.

House Krynn – Bad

Jareth is a firm believer in a no-secret society. Everything can be solved with words and rules and if that fails then through the guaranteed steel gavel of justice. The Shady house Jareth believes only further serves corruption and breeds deception and political dissidence.

House Rook

(Need description)

House Tatius – Good

Being the iron first and militia of the city, Valerus is sworn to Tatius, protecting the king, heir and Valia as a whole.

House Telvadin

(Need description)

House Vaarak

(Need description)

House Valerus

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