House Dinalti

At a Glance

House Dinalti is an economic powerhouse — if it makes money, Dinalti probably has a hand in it. As Valia grew after the Harrowing, the Dinalti tribe’s shrewd trading made it the wealthiest of the nine families by far. An early alliance with House Telvadin secured the Dinalti a steady stream of gold and silver from the mines, while a cultivated friendship with House Tatius ensured Dinalti’s economic dominance. The Dinalti family is responsible for implementing standardized coinage in Valia and pioneering the banking and moneylending that supports so much of Valia’s economy. Today, House Dinalti’s economic influence is obvious everywhere.


  • Valia’s coinage bears the Dinalti seal in almost equal size to that of House Tatius – Dinalti runs and regulates the Empire’s mints in Valia City.
  • The Empire’s most successful and trusted banks are run by House Dinalti.
  • Most successful merchants pay dues to House Dinalti’s Valian Mercants’ Guild in return for financial insurance and physical protection.
  • Merchant caravans travel far and wide – protected by Dinalti guardsmen, whose gleaming armor and black and gold cloaks are recognizable anywhere.
  • When a citizen of Valia needs money, they go to Dinalti moneylenders – the slightly seedier side of the Dinalti fortune.
  • House Dinalti ships dominate Port Valentar. Merchant galleys move goods along the coast as far west as The Western Triumvirate and as far east as Caerwyn, while powerful brigs and frigates protect the tradelanes from piracy.

Leadership and Personalities

Renaldo Dinalti – the ruling lord of House Dinalti – is a stern, white-haired veteran of Valia’s economy. He is notoriously shrewd and calculating, though he has proven himself able to act incredibly quickly to secure opportunities. His wealth is unmatched, and his collection of rare art is renowned amongst Valia’s court.

Renaldo is farther to a pair of twins – Edwin and Oriana. There is much public speculation regarding which of them will succeed their father, and neither has been officially named heir. Both children are very public figures, lacking their father’s more reserved nature. While neither has done anything particularly shameful, rumors abound about their mischievous natures.

Edwin Dinalti is often seen in the more well-off bars in the city. He is a skilled musician – favoring the lute – and is occasionally invited to play on a few of those establishments’ busier evenings. There are claims that Edwin once killed a man in a carefully covered-up bar fight, though it is unlikely for these rumors to ever be proven.

Oriana Dinalti is present and noticed at every nobles’ ball or party, always the very image of alluring perfection. She has also been known to attend some of Valia City‘s new Tek Clubs, where progressive musicians on the bleeding edge of their art play uptempo beats on Magitek-modified violins, mandolins, and organs. Of course, she’s never on the main dance floor – she and her entourage always have an exclusive area to themselves, within sight but out of reach from the main floor. There are rumors that Oriana has brought men far below her station to her bed – these are, of course, unsubstantiated.

Relations with Other Houses

House Elhromane – Bad

House Dinalti’s relationship with House Elhromane has suffered in recent years. While Elhromane certainly profits from the proliferation of Dinalti caravans, tensions have begun to flare due to House Elhromane’s own mercantile ambitions. When House Elhromane first began opening its bookstores and enchanting services, House Dinalti took umbrage with their refusal to join the Merchants’ Guild or accept Dinalti protection. Since House Elhromane also maintains its own magically secured vaults — therefore having little need for Dinalti banks — House Dinalti finds itself with little economic leverage against its up and coming mercantile rival.

House Kez’Ra – Good

Slavery is an incredibly lucrative practice in Valia, so naturally House Dinalti has done everything it can to gain a slice of the profits. House Dinalti and House Kez’Ra have been staunch allies for many years now, mutually benefiting from the expansion of the slave trade throughout the continent. While House Kez’Ra maintains a firm grip on its trade, not allowing Dinalti merchants to have much access, it also pays handsomely to make use of Dinalti caravans and escorts.

House Krynn – Neutral

House Dinalti’s connection to House Krynn is complex, and is therefore the source of much speculation in nobles’ salons and peasants’ taverns alike. House Krynn’s not inconsiderable wealth is kept safe by Dinalti banks, and Dinalti merchants sell House Krynn’s wine and grains for a tidy shared profit. Many argue that one could safely assume that Dinalti also makes use of House Krynn’s much-maligned information network. Still, House Dinalti has made careful efforts to remain distanced from House Krynn in the public eye, so as to not lose face by mere association with the accusations so often levied against House Krynn. Lady Annabelle of House Krynn has made several diplomatic mentions of a potential marriage between her niece and Edwin Dinalti, however, making this distancing difficult at times.

House Rook – Neutral

House Dinalti’s relationship with House Rook is a muddled thing. On the one hand, Renaldo Dinalti has often expressed distaste for charity toward the poor — as he sees it, the poor should work to better their station, rather than rely on handouts. Still, House Dinalti has made numerous good faith donations to House Rook, simply for the boost to public relations. Renaldo Dinalti’s daughter, Oriana, has recently begun attending regular church services, and is supposedly quite devout and innocent, albeit playfully so. Given the rumors about her bedroom habits, however, there is some quiet skepticism about her devotion. Nonetheless, her devotion may bring the two houses closer together over time — especially if she were to be named Renaldo’s heir.

House Tatius – Good

House Dinalti and House Tatius have been firm allies since the early years of civilization in the Clishel Crater. When Tatius’ intentions to take leadership of the Crater over the other eight houses, the Dinalti tribe backed him with the full might of their already considerable economic advantage. House Dinalti honors House Tatius at every turn — with the head of Tatius I on every gold coin, with extravagant Dinalti-funded parades on the Emperor’s nameday, and most recently with the chastening of a new flagship in the Dinalti fleet, the mighty Gaius’ Fortune. This friendship would be strained if Dinalti’s tensions with House Velarus were to grow out of hand, so House Dinalti has been careful not to overstep its bounds in that regard. Still, with Renaldo Dinalti’s relatively recent denunciations of Velarus’ ability to defend Valia, it seems likely that this will come to a head soon — no doubt affecting Dinalti’s close relationship with Tatius.

House Telvadin – Good

House Dinalti enjoys a very profitable alliance with the masters of Magitek. House Telvadin’s mines provide the Dinalti with a steady stream of gold, silver, and precious gems; meanwhile, Telvadin has access to Dinalti’s extensive network of heavily-guarded caravans to transport or acquire goods for Magitek research.

House Vaarak – Good

House Dinalti has made most of its fortune from aggressively expanding trade beyond Valia City’s borders, and it has done so largely with the help of House Vaarak. Dinalti caravans follow routes plotted by Vaarak scouts, and Dinalti ships often employ House Vaarak’s navigators. Further cementing a lasting friendship, Renaldo Dinalti has made several personal donations — both in the form of coin and of rare art — to House Vaarak’s archival and exhibitionary efforts.

House Valerus – Bad

House Dinalti and House Valerus have been at odds for the last decade or more. Dinalti has made frequent public denunciations of House Valerus’ failure to secure trade lanes during the war with Meta’Rikkana, and indeed has lain the blame for the costs of the war entirely at House Valerus’ feet. House Dinalti has also cultivated its own highly trained armed force, a fact which House Valerus takes as a personal affront — indeed, some among House Valerus call Dinalti’s militarization an act of treason against all of the Houses, though none say so very loudly, for fear of Dinalti’s friendship with House Tatius. Nonetheless, tensions between Dinalti and Valerus are at an all-time high — the common folk whisper of skirmishes in the streets, though these have been carefully cleaned up to prevent the ire of House Tatius.

House Dinalti

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