House Krynn

At a Glance

Many see House Krynn as a shameful example of political and moral corruption made manifest. House Krynn sees itself, however, as a provider of valuable services — services other houses have proven unwilling or unable to provide. Still, rumors cling to House Krynn like flies to a web. House Krynn’s rivals always seem to back down or even disappear whenever they make too much progress, and it’s widely assumed that most of Valia City’s politicians are on House Krynn’s payroll. Many even speculate that House Krynn may be directly supporting — or even running — the notorious criminal organization and thieves’ guild known as Tenth House.


  • House Krynn makes use of a proprietary application of Magitek (courtesy of an agreement with House Telvadin) to print several periodicals in large quantities. The Valian Everyman is a popular weekly paper featuring short articles about current events, weather trends, and the occasional editorial piece. The Krynn Exclusive is a longer monthly journal featuring reviews of plays, restaurants, drinking establishments, and the like, as well as many more editorial pieces and exposés.
  • Over the course of the last hundred years, House Krynn has managed to buy or otherwise claim the vast majority of Valia’s farmland. Krynn allows the farmers to work the land themselves, but taxes these farmers after each harvest. This deal isn’t all that bad though — House Krynn offers the farmers valuable information about weather trends, as well as proprietary alchemical agents to secure crops against plague and insects.
  • South of Valia City, House Krynn manages several extremely successful vineyards. In the past five years, the products from these vineyards have dominated the Valian fine wine market. There is also a line of much weaker and less refined wine, known as Krynn’s Kiss, which is extremely popular with the less fortunate of Valia — though they’ve dubbed it Percy’s Piss, after the nephew who oversees Krynn’s vineyard operations.
  • House Krynn runs a series of extremely exclusive bars and clubs for the wealthy to indulge their vices in. Krynn’s bars offer only the best quality of beverages, its clubs feature only the most renowned or progressive music, and its pleasure houses are famed for their discretion and ability to meet any need. Gaining admittance to any Krynn establishment in Valia proper is considered to be proof of one’s social superiority.
  • House Krynn also offers a plethora of vice options in Moongate and Sungate for the poor, in the form of affordable bars, brothels, and gambling dens.

Leadership and Personalities

For being the leader of a house with such a muddled reputation, Annabelle Krynn is a remarkably public figure. Renowned for her beauty, she holds frequents balls and banquets, and she rarely misses a day at court. She is also known as a charitable philanthropist, having donated large sums of her own personal fortune to museums, struggling businesses, and the poor. The “Annabelle Krynn House for the Homeless” in Moongate provides the least fortunate of Valia with free meals and warm blankets.

Annabelle is the widow of Alexander Krynn, who choked to death quite tragically at his nameday banquet some years ago. Annabelle took leadership of House Krynn most reluctantly, of course. She has no children of her own, but has many nieces and nephews holding prominent positions throughout House Krynn and Valia City.

Percival Krynn runs the vineyards and wineries south of the city.

Relations with Other Houses

House Dinalti – Neutral

The relationship between House Krynn and House Dinalti is a complicated one. Krynn keeps its not-inconsiderable wealth in Dinalti banks, while Dinalti merchants transport and sell Krynn’s grain and wine for a tidy profit across Valia. House Dinalti has made efforts to distance itself from the troubled reputation of House Krynn, straining their relationship somewhat in recent years. Annabelle has made several attempts to cultivate an alliance, however — even going so far as to offer a marriage between her niece and Edwin Dinalti.

House Elhromane – Good

Krynn and Elhromane have maintained a friendly relationship for decades now. House Krynn supplies House Elhromane with valuable information in return for magical items and services. House Elhromane is responsible for the creation of the alchemical agent that protects Krynn’s crops. House Krynn has also been quietly feeding House Elhromane economic information that has greatly bolstered Elhromane’s competitive abilities against House Dinalti in the field of urban mercantilism.

House Kez’Ra – Neutral

House Krynn and House Kez’Ra largely ignore each other, each content to let the other do business in their own way. In the past, the two houses have worked closely with each other — Krynn supplied information, while Kez’Ra supplied slaves for the fields. When Annabelle Krynn took control of the house, however, she immediately began distancing the Krynn family from Kez’Ra. She has expressed a personal distaste for Delekan and his brutish nature, and more recently has even condemned the slave trade — though some say this is simply to improve public relations.

House Rook – Bad

House Rook is perhaps the most outspoken of House Krynn’s detractors. Krynn’s vice services deeply offend House Rook, which claims that House Krynn is taking advantage of the poor and downtrodden by fueling addictions that only further impoverish them. For the last decade or so, House Rook has been pushing for Tatius to take action and put a stop to Krynn’s vice industry, though House Tatius has thusfar proven hesitant to potentially spark another major conflict.

House Tatius – Bad

House Krynn’s relationship with the ruling House Tatius is strained at best — openly antagonistic at worst. Around forty years ago, upon the death of King Tatius I, Damien Krynn attempted to wrest control of the city — and the other eight houses — from House Tatius. Krynn held the palace for three nights, until House Valerus broke through and put Damien Krynn to the sword. As Gaius Tatius II retook the throne, Hector Krynn stepped forward and offered Tatius control of the farmland around the town of Brel, northeast of Valia City. This tribute sufficed to bring nominal peace between the families, but House Krynn has continued to contest Tatius’ rule at every opportunity — albeit much more quietly and subtly. Nothing has been proven, but many gossip that Annabelle Krynn has the same ambitions as her uncle Damien.

House Telvadin – Good

House Krynn has been closely allied with House Telvadin for many years. Telvadin provides bleeding edge inventions — such as the closely-guarded Magitek printing press that Krynn uses to publish its periodicals — while Krynn provides information and funding. House Telvadin has recently teased plans for a form of Magitek-powered transportation that would span the entire length and breadth of the Valian continent — a project of enormous cost, almost half of which has been promised by House Krynn.

House Vaarak – Neutral

House Krynn and House Vaarak remain fairly neutral with each other. Krynn often makes use of Vaarak’s extensive libraries and archives, and occasionally has information leading House Vaarak to an important find. House Krynn, in turn, has found House Vaarak to be an excellent source of information. Krynn has also been known to hire adventurers from House Vaarak’s [[Adventurers’ Guild]] for private contracts, though the jobs are rarely disclosed to the public.

House Valerus – Bad

House Valerus still holds a grudge against House Krynn for the attempted coup forty years ago. Today, House Krynn finds itself scrutinized by House Valerus at every turn — Valerus has committed itself to investigating even the most farfetched of the accusations levied against House Krynn in recent years. It’s rumored that Valerus has a lead that may take them to a major player within Tenth House who, given suitable torturous encouragement, may tell once and for all whether House Krynn has been backing the notorious thieves’ guild.

House Krynn

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